PsychoMatrix Spirituality Inventory

The surge of interest in spirituality in recent years highlights the deep need for dialogue on crucial issues concerning meaning in our lives. Each of us is spiritual. But significant questions abound, such as . . . .

  • Are there commonalities in how individuals experience this spirituality?
  • How does spiritual experience affect our personal and professional relationships?
  • Do certain types of personalities experience the ineffable in similar ways?
  • What defines a personal connection to the sacred?

The PSI explores these issues with you to help you gain insight into your personal spiritual world.

The PSI describes SEVEN spiritual factors

  • Mindfulness - attention to bodily processes such as conscious eating, regular meditation, and exercises such as Yoga or Tai Chi.
  • Intellectuality - a commitment to reading and discussing spiritual material and sacred texts.
  • Divinity - a sense of divine source of energy, Higher Being or awesome wonder of natural phenomena.
  • Childhood Spirituality - explores the spiritual experiences of youth, including attendance at religious services or being read to by parents from sacred texts.
  • Extra Sensory Phenomenon - experiences that pertain to "sixth sense" or the paranormal.
  • Community - social activities including PTO or work of a charitable nature.
  • Trauma - crisis oriented stimulus to spirituality such as illness in self or others or the death of a loved one.

Take the inventory now and receive a detailed, confidential personal profile of your responses as they relate to the seven spritual factors.