"Spiritual intelligence is the human capacity to ask ultimate questions about the meaning of life; and to experience simultaneously the seamless connection between each of us and the world in which we live."

- Richard Wolman

The quest for more meaning in everyday life appears in all of us at one time or another. In fact, spirituality can be the touchstone of our lives -- a single reliable constant that sustains us through life's most trying moments. Using the current theories of multiple intelligences as his springboard, Dr. Wolman began his research into the personal nature of spirituality with the belief that each of us is spiritual and has a distinctive "spiritual intelligence." His new book, Thinking with Your Soul: Spiritual Intelligence and Why It Matters, offers crucial insights into this most important of intelligences and how we can make it work for ourselves.

In Thinking with Your Soul, Dr. Wolman presents his ground breaking system for describing significant areas of spirituality in people's lives, without reference to specific religious ideology. His innovative creation, The PsychoMatrix Spirituality Inventory (PSI), has been taken by over six thousand men and women to date. After carefully studying their responses, Dr. Wolman identified the seven factors that comprise human spiritual experience and behavior: Divinity, Mindfulness, Intellectuality, Community, Extrasensory Perception, Childhood Spirituality, and Trauma.

Thinking with Your Soul gives you the chance to take the PSI and examine the resulting profile of your spiritual energy and awareness. Understanding our spiritual "make up," strengths, and limitations is crucial to being able to see and improve our interpersonal relationships and our relationship to the world. This insight into our behavior, internal experience, and empathy for the experience of others gives us a conscious context for our actions and choices. In addition to catalyzing spiritual and self-reflection, Thinking with Your Soul is also a thoughtful inquiry into the spiritual dimension of life, its past treatment by the scientific and psychological communities, and its place in the 21st Century.

Praise for

Thinking with Your Soul: Spiritual Intelligence and Why It Matters

"This is the book we have been waiting for. Wolman's well-researched spirituality inventory, which the reader will surely enjoy filling out and scoring, is a practical method for understanding how our spiritual intelligence impacts our job, relationships, health and worldview. His brilliant understanding of how the heart and mind coordinate to produce spiritual intelligence may be the most important information we could have for leading creative, moral and happy lives."

- Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., author of A Woman's Journey to God

"...an intriguing and provocative effort to describe and measure spiritual intelligence."

- Howard Gardner, author of Intelligence Reframed

"Richard Wolman bridges the gap between ethereal spirituality and everyday lived reality. With skill and savvy, he helps us measure our own spiritual maturity and chart a course for future growth. This book is a gift."

- Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, Rabbi-in-Residence, Hebrew Union College, New York, New York Author of Invisible Lines of Connection, Eyes Remade for Wonder, and other books.

"Thinking With Your Soul is an elegantly written, wonderfully engaging book that integrates broad scholarship with down-to-earth self-insight. It is a rare book on spirituality, which will appeal both to people who consider themselves spiritual or religious and those who do not, as it works its way through the evolutionary and biological underpinnings of spiritual experience, the wide variety of ways people have expressed spiritual impulses throughout the history of our species, and the ways all of us try to make meaning in our lives".

- Drew Westen, Ph.D. Research Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Boston University

"Dr. Wolman has gathered, from an incredibly wide variety of sources, insights about intelligences and breaks new ground in asserting an intelligence born of spiritual insights and perceptions. The "PsychoMatrix Spirituality Inventory" he developed as a way to assess seven aspects of spirituality is an important new tool. Thinking With Your Soul is a handbook for effective uses of the PSI. It gives clergy, academics, mental health professionals, and business leaders brilliant ways of understanding a "spiritual intelligence," which will surely add new and vital insight to institutions and individuals seeking a fuller and more fulfilled life."

- Robert Watts Thornburg, Dean of Marsh Chapel and University Chaplain at Boston University

It is about time to begin to investigate the realm of the spirit more analytically. Dr. Wolman and his development of the PsychoMatrix Spirituality Inventory (PSI) brings a brilliant and useful way to more deeply understand our spiritual lives. Anyone wanting to explore this part of life should read this valuable book and take the thought-provoking PSI.

- David Thorne, President, New Age Publishing

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